Material Guide

Material Types
Technical Details

Standard Paper (Economical)

Art paper stickers

- Smooth finish
- Dry area applications
- Affordable for One time Usage
- Indoor applications

Food Containers, shipping stickers, sealing purposes, packaging, branding & promotions & more.

Non-Tear(PET Film)

Its Semi-Gloss Matt. It doesnt tear easily until it has sharp cuts. 

 - Smooth Semi Gloss Finish

- Water resistant
- Long Lasting
- Tear proof
- Indoor Usage

Boxes, Jars, bottles, packaging, metal surfaces, glass, wood, candles, toiletries, cosmetics & more.

Transparent Labels 
As name suggest are clear - see through labels.  
- Suitable on light colored base
- Water Resistant
- Long Lasting
- Tear proof
- Indoor Usage
Boxes, Metal, Glass, Wood, packaging, Jars, bottles, candles, toiletries, cosmetics & more. 
Writeable material 
It is an uncoated Paper material. 
- It has a Matt look with very fine grain texture.
- Reprint with Laser or Inkjet printers.
- Regular adhesive strength.
- Dry area applications
- Indoor Use
- Easy to peel
What truly sets this range apart from others is that the surface of the paper lets you write directly on the labels if needed, allowing for full customisation from start to finish.  
Kraft paper stickers  Are Earthy & Natural Eco-Friendly Stickers.  - 100% recycled kraft paper
- Uncoated textured paper
- Indoor Usage only
- Raw and rustic appeal
- Dark and prominent artworks provide best printing results
handmade products, coffee pouches, gourmet packaging, branding & much more. 
Vinyl Premium (PVC Thick) Are perfect for applications requires extra protection against moisture, rough and tough handling, thick material.  - Premium Durable Stickers
- Weather Proof sticker
- Tear Proof
- Scratch Proof
- Hi-adhesive quality
- Suitable for Even and texture surfaces
- Outdoor/Indoor Usage
Cars, windows, laptops, Electronics, bottles, packaging, luxury cosmetics, metal surface, glass, wood, wall & more. 
White Ink stickers  Are printed white ink behind your design to preserve opacity.  - More Vibrant Colours
- Full Opacity of Artwork
- Sleek, Consistent Branding Across Products
Jars, Bottles, Metal, Dark Surfaces, Boxes,  packaging, Gadegts, Premium Brandings & more. 
Front Adhesive Stickers Are sticky on the front of your design for use on the inside of a window.  - Indoor usage
- Tear Proof
- Gumming on printed side
Ideal for car glasses, shop fronts, businesses and membership or tourism logos.
Metal Stickers These are metal stickers which are coated with real gold & silver to get the luxury shine.  - Hi Strength Gumming
- Real Gold/Silver Metal coating
- Made intricately
- Looks exquisite.
Can be used on different products and materials. They can be used on woods, glass, laptops, gates, plastic products, televisions, & home appliances.